SolarWinds Observability - Azure No SAML Groups Received

Hi Thwack.

We are dipping our toes in the water with SWO with the Digital Experience Monitor (DEM).  The last major step before I open up the platform to others here is using the SAML authentication.  I have SAML setup with Azure and it authenticates users fine if they were invited to the platform but I'm having trouble with the Role Mapping.  When a new user authenticates from the IdP portal page I receive a message that says: Unrecognized NameID - user won't be autoprovisioned: No SAML groups received.  In SWO I have the Azure group IDs mapped to each of the three roles (admin, member, viewer).  It seems like a common issue that is mentioned in the documentation but it doesn't explain what the fix is.

Any help would be appreciated!