Can I use group variables within the alert trigger/notification call to PagerDuty?

I am trying to pull in the SolarWinds group for the node so I can have PageDuty filter on it.

I have tried different commands
${N=SWQL;M=SELECT cm.Container.Name AS [Group_Name]}
${N=OrionGroup;M=GroupMemberNameF=OriginalValue ${N=OrionGroup;M=GroupMemberName}

Here is a working example, but I am trying to add more to it for the group name:
"payload": {
"summary": "${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption;F=OriginalValue} is ${N=SwisEntity;M=Status;F=Status}.",
"source": "${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption}",
"severity": "critical",
"component": "${N=SwisEntity;M=MachineType}",
"custom_details": {
"Node": " ${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption;F=OriginalValue}",
"Node Availability": "${N=SwisEntity;M=StatusDescription}",
"routing_key": "${SQL: SELECT Nodes.PDIntegrationKey FROM Nodes WHERE NodeID='${NodeID}'}",
"dedup_key": "${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption;F=OriginalValue}_${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption}_${N=SwisEntity;M=MachineType}",
"event_action": "trigger",
"client": "SolarWinds Orion",
"client_url": "${N=SwisEntity;M=DetailsUrl}"

When the alert is sent to pagerduty the API event looks like this with everything working but the group line.

  "client": "SolarWinds Orion",
  "client_url": "Removed for posting on forums",
  "contexts": null,
  "description": "qw1scripts1001 is Down.",
  "event_type": "trigger",
  "incident_key": "Removed for posting on forums",
  "service_key": "Removed for posting on forums",
  "details": {
    "Application Name": "SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Common",
    "Description": "Hardware: Intel64 Family 6 Model 63 Stepping 0 AT/AT COMPATIBLE - Software: Windows Version 10.0 (Build 14393 Multiprocessor Free)",
    "Group": "${N=OrionGroup;M=GroupName}",
    "Group Name": "${N=SWQL;M=SELECT cm.Container.Name}",
    "Node": "Removed for posting on forums",
    "Node Availability": "Node status is Down."
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