SNMP Monitors for Canon color Image class mf 645cdw

I am in need of a SNMP Monitor for my Canon printer that will report the offline/Online status of the printer. 

I use SyncroMSP and i have the Reporting of the toner. But not for online connected status which is main part that matters 

Monitor Name Object Identifier

Black Toner

Magenta Toner .
Cyan Toner .
Yellow Toner .

I have the following ( . ) But it reports back at " Status: \x00\x00 " which means nothing to me. 

Please help

  • Hi Dinge2023,

    That OID is also known as: hrPrinterDetectedErrorState from HOST-RESOURCES-V2-MIB

    Here's what the MIB says:

    STATUS current


    "This object represents any error conditions detected by the printer. The error conditions are encoded as bits in an octet string, with the following definitions:

    Condition Bit #
    lowPaper 0
    noPaper 1
    lowToner 2
    noToner 3
    doorOpen 4
    jammed 5
    offline 6
    serviceRequested 7
    inputTrayMissing 8
    outputTrayMissing 9
    markerSupplyMissing 10
    outputNearFull 11
    outputFull 12
    inputTrayEmpty 13
    overduePreventMaint 14

    Bits are numbered starting with the most significant bit of the first byte being bit 0, the least significant bit of the first byte being bit 7, the most significant bit of the second byte being bit 8, and so on. A one bit encodes that the condition was detected, while a zero bit encodes that the condition was not detected.

    This object is useful for alerting an operator to specific warning or error conditions that may occur, especially those requiring human intervention."


    So the x/00x/00 is the HEX value for the bit array, and as the data has no value you could imply that for that snmpget (in your example) that there are no errors. But you will need to convert this to a binary format to read the actual values.

    This isn't something I'm aware you can do out of the box with SolarWinds though, so you may need to look at a PowerShell collection and process the HEX into a Byte array to read the statuses.

    If you were to search StackOverFlow for "how-to-read-snmp-oid-output-bits-hrprinterdetectederrorstate" you'll probably find something of use. Wink


  • Monitoring the online/offline status of a Canon printer using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a valuable task to ensure the printer's availability. To achieve this, you'll need to identify the correct SNMP OID (Object Identifier) that corresponds to the printer's online/offline status. Unfortunately, SNMP OIDs can vary between different printer models and manufacturers, and not all printers expose this information through SNMP.

    The OID you mentioned, ".," may not provide the printer's online status but might be related to some other aspect of the printer.

    Here's what you can do to address this:

    1. Check Canon's SNMP MIB Documentation: Canon typically provides SNMP MIB (Management Information Base) documentation for their printers. This documentation outlines the available SNMP OIDs and their meanings. Look for the specific OID related to the online status of the printer.

    2. Use a Generic SNMP Monitoring Tool: If Canon's documentation does not provide the necessary OID, you can try using a generic SNMP monitoring tool or SNMP discovery tool. These tools can help you discover available SNMP OIDs on the printer and their descriptions. They can be useful for identifying the OID that reports the online/offline status of the laser clinic markham.

    3. Contact Canon Support: If you're unable to find the relevant OID or information in Canon's documentation, consider reaching out to Canon's technical support. They may be able to provide guidance or additional information specific to your printer model. Chalets for sale in Jbeil

    4. Explore SNMP Traps: Some printers send SNMP traps or notifications when their status changes. These traps can include information about the online/offline status. Investigate SNMP trap monitoring solutions that can capture and report on these events.

    5. Custom Scripting: If all else fails, you may need to create a custom script or program that periodically polls the printer and interprets its status based on SNMP responses. This approach may require more advanced programming skills.

    Once you've identified the correct OID for online/offline status, you can integrate it into your SNMP monitoring solution, such as SyncroMSP, to report the printer's status accurately.

    Keep in mind that SNMP monitoring can vary between printer models, so it may take some effort to find the right OID for your specific Canon printer.