How can I verify the SSL certificate information for the website

Hello everyone,

I'm a new member of this forum, and I have a question regarding the SSL certificate for the website. As an internet user, I understand the importance of verifying the SSL certificate information to ensure secure browsing.

I noticed that the website has HTTPS in its URL, indicating that it is secured with an SSL certificate. However, I would like to know more about the SSL certificate being used and how I can verify its authenticity.

Are there any specific tools or methods I can use to examine the SSL certificate for ? What information should I look for to confirm that the certificate is valid and issued by a trusted authority? Are there any additional security measures I should be aware of when accessing this website?

I would appreciate any guidance or insights from the experienced members of this forum regarding the verification of SSL certificate information for websites.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

  • Orion's SAM component can handle. Just make sure you configure it to get the data you want. It gathers the URLs response code, 200 for a successful page load, 403 for access denied, etc. It also examines the certs, and you can get much of what you need from that. 

    HTTPS Monitor (

  • They're matching something like this:

      DateNow between IssuedDate and Expiration date
      SAN = DNS entry being presented

      Not in certificate revocation store

      Trust on each level of the certificate chain
    then green check/padlock/all good etc

    Usually you just measure that the whole lot is ok, or the expiration date is ok, and leave the rest to other engineers.

    If the chain bit above doesnt make sense, open up a cert from the wider web and it'll be something like:

    Verisign/Some big certificate company root

        |--- Company root, trusted by verisign or by your company domain

              |---- Server root, trusted by company

  • It's great that you're taking proactive actions to protect your online security by confirming the SSL certificate of the website you're using. Here are some processes and tools you may use to examine an SSL certificate and ensure its authenticity:

    • Check the SSL Certificate Details
    • Verify the Certificate Authority
    • Check for HTTPS
    • Use Online Tools
    • Look for Extended Validation (EV) Certificates
    • Stay Updated

    By following these steps and using these tools, you can effectively verify the SSL certificate information for websites and ensure a safer browsing experience. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a website's security, contact the website's owner or administrator for clarification.

  • Ways to check SSL certification : 

    1 - Click on the website padlock

    2 - Select: connection is secure ----

    3 - Click on Certificate is valid 

    4 - Certificate Viewer & click on details.

    You can use online tools as well. 

    If you want to renew ssl and inquire about ssl visit here.