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Solarwinds Middleware Telegram

Greetings, Hello Everyone

Just joined the forum, for discussing something that bother me

I've worked at one of Telco Company and already used Solarwinds as network monitoring since more than 10 Years ago

Currently we're monitoring more than 10K nodes from many types of network equipment

Problem that I'm facing today, Our security team blocked any outcoming traffic to Internet from every Polling Server , so telegram alert didn't work anymore

The idea that will be provided, Solarwinds alert that usually direct connection to telegram bot (Over Get or Post Request) will be communicate to middleware apps

I still don't know what kind app that fulfill this idea, then this apps passing the information from solarwinds to the bot itself

Simple Flow :

Solarwinds Alert --> Middleware Apps (that have normal internet connection) --> Telegram Bot

Let me know, if my explanation still unclear