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v15.2.4 - automatic service shutdown after 5 days of running

We are running Serv-U on Windows and since the upgrade to v15.2.4 we have the problem that Serv-U shuts itself down after (almost) exactly five days. (give or take a couple seconds - according to the event logs)

It has done this three times so far (we installed on the 24th of August, and now had such an shutdown on the 29th of August, the 3rd and 8th of September)

Anyone else with the same problem?

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  • Hi  the Serv-U v15.2.4 service stops after every 5 days. To be pedantic: you start the service for it to work and not restart it.

    Unfortunately, as per  he has confirmed the service stops every 5 days. This means if you start v15.2.4 on:

    1st Sep at 18:00 then the service will stop on:

    6th Sep at 18:00.  Then for example if you start the service again on: 6th Sep, 1hr later at 19:00 then the service will stop on:

    11th Sep at 19:00.

    The license for Serv-U is non perpetual; so for me, it sort of makes sense to run periodic license checks to keep the money coming in otherwise someone might just start the service once and leave it running forever.

  • Thanks for the details , if you could post here with any updates from support, that would be great! Appreciate you guys taking time to post on here.