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Security Event Manager (SEM) 2020.2 Is Now Generally Available

It is my pleasure to announce that Security Event Manager (SEM) 2020.2 is now available in your customer portal and you can download and upgrade your production servers, while retaining your complete configuration and history.

What's New

This release continued the focus on moving functionality from to old GUI to HTML5.   Here are the major new GUI functionality:

Analyze Historical Data (new nDepth)

We've replaced nDepth with Analyze Historical Data, allowing you to quickly filter using pre defined filter or enter you own search, with suggestions.  The histogram dispays the quantity of events happening in the time frame, with the events displaying below.   Pick a time frame or use click to zoom to drill down.  Click on the event to see all the details on the right.  


Create connector profiles

Build connector profiles to build a set of standard connector settings and then push them to ag roup of agents. You can create connector profiles using an existing template with preconfigured connectors, from an agent with preconfigured connectors from the selected agent, or from a fresh profile with no preconfigured connectors or agents.


Create local SEM user accounts

Create local SEM users and assign roles to manage access to sensitive data and functions, and establish authentication requirements for each user account.

View the oldest stored events

Want to know the oldest stored event in your database?  It's easy to do that (and more) now with the KPI widget.  


To change the items in the KPI widge, simply click edit dashboard in the top right and then edit the widget.  A side panel will slide out and allow you to select which KPI you want to show and set a threshold. 


Select the KPI:

Set a threshold:

Release Notes

If you haven't checked them out yet, here's a complete list of what changed in SEM 2020.2.

What's Next!

If you don't see the features you've been waiting for, check out the What We're Working on for SEM post for a list of features our dedicated team of event nerds and code jockeys are already researching. If you don't see everything you've been wishing for, add it to the Server Event Manager (SEM) Feature Requests.

  • This is very cool. Really like the view historical data and the new kpi!

  • This looks great!  Does this mean we can customize connectors?  We've had an issue:

    Is there a way to add or remove specific event IDs from being collected?

    We need “307” to be audited which is print logs. I’ve tried everything and these events will not send to SEM despite showing up on the local host event log.


  • Hello, 

    could you please open a support ticket for this one? I believe we would need to better understand the issue. 

    Thank you

  • I can't figure out how to get the new KPI Widget on the new Dashboard?  I deleted one two or three spaces in the existing Dashboard and when I click on *New KPI Widget* all it says is customize I can't the Create Widget button to come up so I can add it to my HTML5 dashboard.  Has anyone figured out how to put the KPI Widget on their dashboard yet?

    How big is this new KPI Widget?  I thought it might be 2 or 3 blocks wide from the picture but still can't seem to get it to let me add the new Widget???