Need help troubleshooting Pingdom alert notifications

Hello fellow Pingdom users,

I hope things are going well for you. I'm having some issues with Pingdom's alert alerts and was hoping for some ideas or assistance.

Here's a brief breakdown of the problem I'm having:

Pingdom has a slew of tests in place to monitor the uptime and performance of my websites. When an issue is detected, these tests are configured to send notifications to my email address. However, I've discovered that I'm not always receiving these messages, which is alarming.

Pingdom's email settings have been double-checked, and they appear to be correct. I also verified that the email address I provided is correct and usable. Despite this, I occasionally do not receive messages when a check fails or performance decreases dramatically.

I'd appreciate it if anyone has had a similar issue or has advice for how to handle it. Are there any particular settings or setups that I may have overlooked? Is it possible to keep track of the status of alert notifications in order to detect potential system failures?

Thank you in advance!

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  • Generally, it has been chased down to whitelisting email from external senders (your front end mail filtering) and client side email filtering rules. There have been a couple rare instances with Pingdom email, but you can check here Pingdom Service Status for status on their internal services.

    As far as tracking email delivery? Your best bet would be to CC yourself on every alert. That would at least track the emails. Real time monitoring of email delivery would be a bit more complicated. You would need to set something up to track Pingdom monitoring status (via Pingdom API) and then match those up with email delivery. Since email is not a guaranteed protocol, things could be working on their end, and the email might still not get to you or one or more of your counterparts.