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Text truncated on map

Is there a setting anywhere to stop the text from getting truncated under object that are discovered?  For Example, when I select to display System Description, the text gets truncated so I only see Cisco IOS Software, C3... instead of all of it.  I know that I can click on one of the devices and it will show the rest under Basic info on the right, but if we export to Visio, then we still don't have the ability to see all of the text.

  • This is three years old and this is still an issue with the NTM (since it hasn't been updated since.) There is no way to "size" the text boxes (the gray "handles" won't allow resizing.) The devices get green handles and CAN be resized. I'm wondering if the lead developer on this went away and no one knows how to continue the product? We REALLY want this product to be more than "half-baked."