SolarWinds.NTM.Client product feature that we can do by Command line Interface


Our company is interested in purchasing SolarWinds.NTM.Client to realize the direct MAP scan and easy and immediate understand of Ground Trueth.
Before purchasing, I would like to confirm the SolarWinds.NTM.Client product feature that we can do by CLI(Command line Interface).

We would like to perform
(1) Periodical Map Scan and
(2) File Export (NTM Map file to PDF) and saving it to a specific folder (E:\NetMaps) by a completely unattended process. (by CLI not GUI)

I know that we can open a file that has already been MAP scanned using the CLI from the Windows Command prompt.
      SolarWinds.NTM.Client.exe [file path]

Is it possible to perform steps (1) and (2) using the CLI from the command prompt as well?
       i.e. SolarWinds.NTM.Client -remap parameter1 parameter2.
             SolarWinds.NTM.Client -export <source> <destination>

If the "Map Scan" and "File export" operation by CLI is possible, we can create a script and fully automate it.

I would appreciate it if you could answer your reply.

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  •  Hi  

    Good day! 

    Both action are possible in GUI thats for sure and its possible to automate it via GUI (one time set-up) via schedule discovery.

    You may open a ticket or ask for a sales engineer to showcase the feature of NTM. At the same time, you can share your specific use case or your idea of automating it? That might be a good feature request. 

    There are lots of engineers in SW who has great mastery in NTM ;-)


  • Verwin_u,

    Although I checked "NTM Administrator Guide", I could not find schedule for File Export to PDF.
    Is that possible to (1) Map Scan and then (2) File Export by a completely unattended process by Command Line Interface,

    It is not performing only (1), or not performing only (2), performing both (1) and then (2). Considering create script, I believe that using CLI is better.


  • As far as I can tell, there isn't a mechanism to automatically export the maps (in any form) via an automated or CLI-based process.

    This is by design because the maps will typically be displayed in a very limited visual representation (nodes layered over top other nodes, connected lines appearing to loop to self because of the layering, etc.)

    The idea behind the product is to do the discovery for you and then have you define how you want the map to appear.

    If you are just looking for the "raw" data, there is an export to CSV which may give you what you are looking for, but, again, I don't see an easy way to schedule or export this information.

    Let's take a few steps backwards:

    • Why are you trying to automatically build a map on a routine basis?
    • What are you trying to accomplish with this automation?
    • What would you do with the results?

    I'm asking because there might be a better solution available.

  • KMSigma.SWI

    I understood that there isn't a mechanism to automatically export the maps (in any form) via an automated or CLI-based.

    The final goal of what I try to automatically periodically build a map and export the map file is to share the map image timely and widely to not only for the network engineer who has network management console access but also Manager and Executive who usually do not have NMS access, utilizing MS Power Automate and MS Teams channel.

    However, we are rethinking because of your explanation, "the maps will typically be displayed in a very limited visual representation (nodes layered over top other nodes, connected lines appearing to loop to self because of the layering, etc.)"
    That means when I do NTM can, the given the logical and physical maps are not well visual representation and we need to work some MAP editing?

     Even after I did some MAP well organized editing once, the map will be back messy after doing MAP rescan?.


  • Your PowerAutomate workflow looks sound.  You'll just need to make sure any PDFs or images are saved to a location where the framework has access.  (I do it into SharePoint and then work with it from there).

    Your best bet would be to download and try Network Topology Mapper out for yourself.  It has a free trial.  We'll be happy to answer any questions about the product.  It's easier to answer questions with some more specifics in mind.