Ruckus ICX 8200 not discovered by SNMP

Hi Guys,

I have ICX 8200 8 ports switches with Version:10.2.01T255 (rdu1021) labeled as RDR10000. I am trying to join it with SNMP server but not working with me, my ICX SNMP configuration:

snmp-server host version v3 auth Netmon
SNMP-Server view NetmonSNMPv3View internet included
SNMP-Server group NetmonSNMPv3Group v3 auth Read NetmonSNMPv3View Write NetmonSNMPv3View
SNMP-Server user Netmon NetmonSNMPv3Group v3 auth md5 superpassword 

I am not sure where is the issue here? 

Thanks for all


  • Have you checked the basic connectivity and that the port is open?

    If Windows based boxes you could use PortQry (doesn't work with v3 SNMP but can do simple UDP checks) or even a simple CLI telnet to your ICX IP on port 161 and/or 162 [e.g. telnet 162] - if you get a blank screen with a flashing cursor, then the port is open and the UDP packet is being passed. 

    If this happens then the issue is either incorrect config on the ICK (we don't use them so I can't help on that) or wrong details entered into Solarwinds. I also recommend [and use] the SNMPTester provided free by Paessler - can't link it as I might get SPAM blocked by Solarwinds.

    For *nix you'd need to use an SNMP utility and something like this: [snmpwalk -v 3 -a md5 -A PASSWORD -x des -X PASSWORD -u MYUSERNAME MY_IPAddress] ought to work.