NPM 2023.4.x Upgrade feedback

Has anyone upgraded to 2023.4.1 or 2023.4.2?  Only seeing two posts in the catalog.  If you have upgraded has it been smooth?  Trying to skip over the job engine issues that plagued releases until 2023.3.x.

  • We have upgraded 3 of our environments to 2023.4.2 now and all went smoothly with no obvious issues and certainly nothing that we've spotted or had reported to us. two small, single server deployments and one multi server, multi APEs and HA.

    I will add if you are on 2023.2.x or .3.x then make the jump. It fixes loads of bugs and made our systems stable again.

  • Hi  

    I am currently on 2020.2.6 and planning to upgrade to 2023.4.2, I know i can directly upgrade to the 2023.4.2

    I was going through a few threads:

    1. Backup any Unmanage utility tasks

    2. Make sure there are no custom queries used in syslogs/traps rules

    3. Is there anything else that you can think of that is deprecated or needs to be recreated ?

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