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Reason: (30044) No available encryption algorithms match with the server


We have cisco firepower 2120 and trying to connect the ASA from Kiwi cat tool 3.10 for taking the backup. Post IOS upgrade on firewall, Cat tools is not connecting to firewall over sshv2 and getting the below error. 

Reason: (30044) No available encryption algorithms match with the server

Firewall is already running on SSH2. Any issue on cipher and suggestions to fix the issue? Please guide. 

  • You Need to edit

    Default Installation and Values stored under C:/Program Files (x86)/SolarWinds/SFTP & SCP Server/SolarWindsSFTPServer.exe.config

    Add AES128-CBC and AES256-CBC to the encryption List.

    Only Issue that still remains is the ASA wont transfer the full configuration overall depending on the size. They are working on a fix for this.

    For Cisco Switches with FIPS mode

    You need to generate a new Certificate.

    Cisco 9300 IOS-XE 16.12.5 C and a problem with the default certificates (SFTP.dsa & SFTP.rsa) generated under the C:/ProgramData/SolarWinds/. 

    we used OpenSSL with the following output.

    openssl genrsa -out sftp.rsa 4096