IPAM alert variable problem

I'm trying to format an alert for scope utilization as seen below:

High DHCP Scope utilization | DHCP Server - SERVERNAME | Scope - SCOPENAME | Percent Used - PERCENTUSAGE

Using the article below and the "Insert Variable" within the alert configuration this is the content of the alert message:

High DHCP Scope utilization | DHCP Server - ${SQL: select distinct a.FriendlyName from [IPAM_DHCPServerReportView] a inner Join [IPAM_DhcpScopeReportView] b on b.ParentID= a.groupid and b.groupid = ${N=SwisEntity;M=NodeScope.GroupId}} | Scope - ${N=SwisEntity;M=FriendlyName} | Percent Used - ${N=SwisEntity;M=PercentageUsed}

The result is below.  The friendly name and percent used populate data.  The SQL statement from the article throws an error.  I can't find a variable anywhere for the DHCP Server, which I found extremely odd.  Am I using those correctly from the article or is there a standard variable to drop the DHCP server name?

IPAM DHCP Scope Macros for Alerts (solarwinds.com)