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What Module functionality is included in the Enterprise Advanced?

To help us compare apples to apples what module functionality is included in the Enterprise Advanced?

  • Was actually kind of hard... Maybe SW could be a little bit more clear about this HCO...

    Hope it helps 

    BTM I sill dont get what SW means with this 

    1. Essentials
    2. Essentials Enterprise Scale
    3. Advanced
    4. Advanced Enterprise Scale
  • Both Hybrid Cloud Observability Essentials and Advanced use node-based licensing.

    Essentials provides the following set of features:

    • Infrastructure, network, and application performance observability
    • Physical and virtual hosts, device, and VoIP monitoring
    • Application-centric database monitoring
    • IP address management
    • Log management and analysis
    • Distributed polling for remote environments

    For those familiar with individual module licenses, this can be considered NPM, SAM, LA, IPAM, UDT, VNQM

    Advanced includes all the features of essentials in addition to:

    • Network flow and bandwidth observability
    • Virtualization performance management
    • Configuration management for networks, servers, and applications

    Consider these as NCM, VMAN, SCM

    The enterprise-scale option available for both Essentials and Advanced provides entitlement to additional polling engines, High availability, additional web servers, and EOC.

  • Hi Tony,

    To go a bit further in individual modules matching with the HCO

    - is SRM covered by one of the versions

    - is "Distributed polling for remote environments" referring to ORC (Orion Remote Collector ORC ) or more recently SolarWinds Platform Collector (RC) ?



  • From my discussions SRM is still an additional license

  • SRM and WPM remain separate licenses. 

    Yes, standard edition (Essentials or Advanced) includes the SolarWinds Platform Remote Collector (fka ORC) to enhance reachability in distributed environments.   

    Enterprise Scale edition includes APE, HA, AWS and EOC. 

  • Module speaking? If I recall correctly, HCO:AE (Hybrid Cloud Observability - Advanced Enterprise) should come with the following:

    • NPM (Network Performance Monitor)
    • NTA (Netflow Traffic Analyzer)
    • NCM (Network Configuration Manager)
    • LA (Log Analyzer)
    • IPAM (IP Address Manager)
    • UDT (User Device Tracker)
    • VNQM (VoIP and Network Quality Manager)
    • SAM (Server Application Monitor)
    • SCM (Server Configuration Monitor)
    • VMAN (Virtualization Manager)

    And will support the previous integrations to other stand alone products (with some new ones added!)

    • DPA (Database Performance Analyzer)
    • PM (Patch Manager)
    • WTS (Web Toolset)
    • ARM (Access Rights Manager - New integration)
    • SEM (Security and Event Manager - New integration)


    • SRM (Storage Resource Monitor)
    • WPM (Web Performance Monitor

    The Enterprise Scalability add-on (This can be added to either Essentials or Advanced, in our case we're looking at Advanced, hence Advanced Enterprise) gives you:

    • APE's (Additional Polling Engines - Can be added as needed)
    • AWS (Additional Web Servers - Can be added as needed)
    • HA (High Availability - Can be added as needed)
    • EOC (Enterprise Operations Console - 1 License)
    • Lab License (250 nodes)
    • Premier Support

    One of the greatest features in HCO in my opinion .. is the simplified licensing! Now you don't have to worry about how many interfaces I wanna monitor with NPM .. or the number of active IP addresses for IPAM, or the number of physical CPU sockets for VMAN, it's all just nodes now. 


    You have one SKU that you can manage for renewals across any number of instances of SolarWinds that you have. So .. if I have two separate instances of SolarWinds that I manage, I just need to total up the nodes between them both (Let's say 500) I get one SKU for HCO:AE 500 (Just an example, not sure if they have a 500 tier) And I can split that up in my customer portal to say, 'Hey I wanna have 300 nodes here for my primary instance, and my second instance will have 200.' It'll split you off a license for each instance and if I need to add more nodes later, I just add more. Now I don't have to juggle all these different individual licenses at different tiers, and remember which set went to which instance.