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Enterprise Operations Console 2.0 RC Now Available!!

I’m pleased to announce that the SolarWindsRegistered Enterprise Operations Console 2.0 RC is now available!

Once you’re ready to install, you can find the RC available to download in your customer portal!

  • Is there an upgrade path for this version?  I tried upgrading from 1.6.3 and got the error "Upgrading to EOC from a version of EOC 1.6.3 or earlier is not supported".  This error is confusing since it implies an upgrade attempt from a version later than 1.6.3 would be supported, yet 1.6.3 is the latest version, right ??

  • AFAIK details on upgrade paths have not been released yet. These would normally be put in the RC release notes.

    Having said that, I do not believe that it is possible to upgrade anyway. These are two completely different applications with different underlying engines and therefore not possible to upgrade.

    Also as the data being collected is transient, it is not as if any data will be lost. Therefore plan to replace and reconfigure. Someone can put me straight if this is not the case.

  • Documentation for the RC?  just did an install and looking for info.

  • m_roberts - Your statement is accurate.  There will not be an upgrade path from versions prior to EOC 2.0.  These are drastically different and even though the EOC 1.6.x versions looked "Orion-like", they were not.  Enterprise Operations Console 2.0 has been built from the ground up starting fresh but incorporating the same framework the rest of the Orion product suite utilizes. 

  • jamison.jennings typically documentation is limited from an RC perspective but if there is anything I can assist with, please let me know.  Being that this forum is open, some items may not be appropriate to discuss here.  If you would like to reach out to me directly, or provide feedback in the RC Forum, I would be happy to assist.  Looking forward to feedback. 

  • Just tried installing and it fails after the light or full install option, the error says oops...we detected a problem - Specified custom product/component [NPM] was not found in product catalog.

  • All sorted needed to run as administrator.

  • Has anybody experienced issue installing this new version? I've uninstalled the old 1.6 version and trying to install this 2.0 with local sql express. I get this message all the time the configuration wizard runs. Any clue would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Website configuration failed:

    •   •  Connection to SolarWindsRegistered Information Service did not succeed.

    Last error: The socket connection was aborted. This could be caused by an error processing your message or a receive timeout being exceeded by the remote host, or an underlying network resource issue. Local socket timeout was '00:00:59.9844329'.

  • mdangol is it possible to install EOC 2.0 on a new server, rather than attempting to install on the old EOC system?  What OS are you attempting to install on?