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How do you maintain the size of the DPA repository database?

Can someone point me to any documentation on maintaining the size of the DPA database?  Is there an archive feature?  Does the application do this automatically?  

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  • Just a small additon.

    There was a change in release 2022.2 which also have an influence on the repository size.

    After a SQL statement runs, DPA stores the associated plan data in the CONSPT table in the DPA repository. In earlier versions, DPA stored plan data for 5 years by default (the retention period for daily data). This retention period could cause the CONSPT table to be very large.

    In new installations of DPA 2022.2 and later, DPA stores plan data for 90 days by default (the retention period for hourly data). This change reduces the size of the CONSPT table.

    If you upgrade from DPA 2022.1 or earlier, the default retention period for plan data is not automatically changed. However, you can change it by editing the advanced option CLEAN_CONPT_RETENTION.


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