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We’re excited to announce the upcoming changes to SolarWindsRegistered Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is now available. You can find the latest version of DPA in your Customer Portal.

Note: DPA 2021.1 is the generally available version for the 2020.4 Release Candidates.

What’s new?

  • Find SQL—New SQL Diagnostics Workflow: Find SQL, a powerful new DPA feature with all supported DB types, allows you to search for any query that you want to analyze. Typically, DPA displays the top “N” slowest queries. Now you can find queries by both multiple contexts (e.g., the invoking application or user) and/or matching SQL text.

In the below screenshot, the “Filters” button (A) was used to create filters for  queries that originated from machine “ATURNER-MB” and program “azdata-Query” against the Database “AdventureWorks” by either of the users “HR_bjones” or “RuthAnn”. The list of applied filters can be seen and individually removed at (B). At (C), an Advanced Mode SQL text matching expression is specified to find a SELECT SQL statement involving either the Person or Employee table and where at least one term in the statement begins with “BusinessEntity”. The results of the Search are displayed at (D) and matching terms are highlighted.


  • MicrosoftRegistered SQL ServerRegistered TempDB Analysis: SQL Server leverages the TempDB database to store temporary, active transaction data it can’t maintain in memory. DPA now tracks resources and alerts on SQL Server TempDB and TempDB Log File health.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Backup Analysis: The success and frequency of backing up SQL Server databases and transaction logs is important to the recoverability of those databases. DPA now tracks backup storage assets and activity.
  • Enhanced Charts for Resource Metrics: Charts for all resource metrics are getting an upgrade with improved presentation and capabilities.


  • Security Enhancements:
    • Register and monitor DB instances without requiring system administrator credentials
    • Increased application server and web application security
    • New “User Manager” role – Accounts with this role can only create and manage DPA users. They can neither view DPA data nor perform other DPA tasks.
    • User Administration Auditing – Enhanced auditing for DPA user creation and privilege changes
  • And more

These new features enable you to more rapidly diagnose DB performance problems by taking whatever limited information is known about a problem to first isolate the queries involved and then diagnose the root cause. For Microsoft SQL Server databases, you can additionally identify whether your backups or TempDB resources are affecting the performance of your queries. Users can quickly decrease the mean time to resolution (or innocence) and allow IT teams to provide the best application and database experience possible. 

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Visit the Release Notes on to learn more about this release.

End-of-Life Announcements

To continue to drive innovation and new functionality into our products, SolarWinds must transition customers from legacy versions of software to our current versions. Customers using these versions or older should begin transitioning to the most recent release of the product. For more detail on the SolarWinds End-of-Life policy, click here. For information on currently supported versions, click here.