Reboot of a monitored SQL instance and Web Application servers


We had an issue in which the monitored instance and the web application servers had to be rebooted, of course, after rebooting it, the problem was resolved.  What would be the approach to investigate which query or queries could have caused the performance and the timeouts?  I also have a screenshot of my investigation, let me know how I can upload it.

In addition, I opened a case with support, Case # - 01438234 , I would just like a second opinion regarding this issue.



  • Assuming the problem is a database query issue and not just something wrong with the web application, you can use DPA to drilldown to the timeframe and see what was running.

    An easy way to do this is to click into the instance and then choose Custom Interval from the Day dropdown. Set the time to something like 10 minutes or so before the problem happened. On the next page that appears, click on the Machines tab and click into the webserver machine to see what SQL statements were being executed. In my example, there was a single query that was causing slowdowns in the app, you might find several, but you should be able to see which ones caused problems.

  • Hi Darichar,

    Thank you, I investigated it this way be selecting a timeframe with 10 min interval within an hour, eg. 10 am - 11 am, I didn't go to the 'machines' tab, so I'll investigate here next time, but for your example with this query, is this the one causing the issue?  can we dig deeper or will killing this session resolve the issue?  Unfortunately, the timeframe for the problem we had was more than a month ago so it already rolled out, it's no longer selectable.