dameware mini remote desktop keep asking permission to target computer everytime try to build a connection and also cannot turn off the view only icons (input locked)

hi good day all, i'd like to ask about the solution of my problem below, 

so, i currently have a problem with my dameware mini remote control system, that apparently always asking a permission everytime i try to build a connection, and also if the permission were granted it keeps locked my inputs to those computer target (view only icons on) and i never succeed to turn off the view only icons because it on gray out mode (cannot click it). 

the main problem is everything were fine before. i mean it happens for almost last 2 months and it came worst and worst every single day, because it only happened on my computers not on my other collegue. i already try every option that i found on the internets and community but yet still have the same issue. i gave the photos of the view only icons.

if anyone can help me please reach me out. 

thanks, best regards all.