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[Tool] ARM Template Generator V3 - Will coaming soon ....

Hello everybody,

I'm very happy the 8Paul is sharing the source code with me? CUSATUM will support 8Paul to maintain and bug fixing some things which were reported by some customers.

But Let me know your bugs you need to solve, but even more important, what is your need? Which Features are missing or which usability shall be enhanced.

Since the project is free of charge, it could take time to enhance the tool, but it will. I promise.

Send me info here in the chat or to my office mail,

Who of you which don't know me and if you can trust me, I'm Mike the developer #1 of 8MAN which is ARM now. So ARM is still your baby and we deliver a lot of services around the 8MAN/ARM.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lot of feedback for me.

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  • Not jet planed, We are collecting the requests and do it in spare time. Which kind of examples you like to have? SolarWinds install some good examples per default.

  • I was hoping to see if there was a "Direct Reports" functionality, because our systems don't normally maintain the position titles in AD. Therefore, if there was a way to have the user account search field to only be constrained to users with direct reports, that should list all of the managers.

    I also have been looking for a way to either generate a random number between 10-99, or be able pick a certain character from a variable (like say, choose the 3rd character and the 6th character) and have it added to a samaccountname