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New user template 0365 exchange capabilities

We have a local exchange server but it is only for smtp relaying, our true exchange infrastructure is o365. We do a dir sync up to AAD\o365. Theres lots of info online about the MS requirement of keeping an exchange server locally for adding the mail attributes to new user accounts. It seems to be a bit of a controversy . And Microsoft promises that they are working on a solution to alleviate the need of having a local exchange server. Our current new user creatoin script uses the powershell exchange module function named Enable-RemoteMailbox .

What are the options for ARM user templates in our scenario? How quickly will that break when MS supports not having an exchange server on-site? How quickly will SolarWinds provide a solution?

I'd rather not spend the time creating a user template in ARM just to find that the email part falls apart in short order.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

see Why you may not want to decommission Exchange servers from on-premises