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What Is New in Access Rights Manager (ARM) 2020.2?

SolarWindsRegistered Access Rights Manager (ARM) 2020.2 is available on the customer portal! 

Please refer to the release notes for a broad overview of this release.

With this release we continued our investment in support for hybrid environments and further improved ARM’s existing capabilities.

What’s New in Access Rights Manager 2020.2?

  • MicrosoftRegistered Teams support ARM’s familiar scope of functionality around permission visibility and management has now been extended to MicrosoftRegistered Teams.
  • Recertification of AD group membershipsActive Directory group memberships can now be reviewed by using ARM’s recertification functionality. This allows to extend regular checks of the permissions situation to areas controlled by AD group memberships, e.g. by so-called role groups.
  • Timeline analysis (RCA) view Administrators benefit from a new graphical timeline view of events available via the web client. This new feature allows to analyze events of ARM management activities and events collected.
  • AAD event monitoring Azure AD is now available as resource for ARM’s event monitoring capability. Collected events are available via ARM’s logbook and in reports.
  • Enhanced syslog event forwarding – ARM is now able to share its system health status, operational issue and activity events via syslog.
  • Defect fixes and architecture improvements – As with any release, we addressed product defects and introduced architectural optimizations, laying the foundation for coming features we plan to make available in the next releases.

The SolarWindsRegistered product team is excited to make these features available to you.  We hope you enjoy them.  Of course, please be sure to create new feature requests for any additional functionality you would like to see with ARM in general.

To help get you going quickly with this new version, below is a quick walk-through of the new capabilities for MicrosoftRegistered Teams available already in the ARM Audit edition.

Identify permissions in MicrosoftRegistered Teams

MicrosoftRegistered Teams is a powerful tool helping your employees to organize in groups, discuss and share content whilst working on joint projects/tasks.

As with all tools used to store and share content, administrators should be able to quickly see who has access. Let’s take a look how we can use ARM to answer the question “who is member in the Finance Team and has access to its content?” ARM’s resource view helps us to easily find an answer.



  1. Open the resource view.
  2. Expand Teams.
  3. Browse the Teams structure and select the Team you are interested in.
  4. ARM displays its permissions and
  5. shows you a flat list of all users authorized.

Note: As with any resource in ARM, you can also create a report by right clicking the team and schedule its delivery periodically to your mailbox instead of having to check it manually.


I hope this quick summary gives you a good understanding of some of the new features in ARM and how you can use ARM to get better visibility and control over your hybrid IT Environment.

If you’re reading this and not already using SolarWinds Access Rights Manager, we encourage you to check out the free download. It’s free. It’s easy. Give it a try!