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Web Performance Monitor - Unplugged

Interested in ideas that corroborate WPM insight other than multi-location insight:

  • Running NetPath concurrently and comparing performance metrics
  • Creating QoE application element to WPM destination
  • Discovering WPM destination as a Solarwinds node for NPM insight
  • If possible, installing Solarwinds Agent at WPM destination
  • Any other ideas that provide for additional data points and performance insight?

Thanks much!


Peter Rounds

Senior Network Engineer

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  • If you are monitoring the WPM destination (Its a web server I assume?) then you can add AppInsight for IIS (if its MS IIS) or use another SAM template depending on the web server. This also assumes that you have SAM.  NPM does not have much flexibility here (by design). Otherwise I think you have hit the limit of what NPM can provide typically. I am not going to mention snmp and undp polling for linux based systems. Nope not going to say that. Wink

    Hmm with all that data - take a look at the Orion Maps, as you may create a nice visual there. Dashboards are good, but the maps allow you to create/see how things 'work.'  

    Good luck