Share your opinion: Pingdom and WPM, how they can benefit from each other?

Many of you did notice recent exciting news, that we have a new family member - Pingdom joins SolarWinds!

Pingdom - a leader in cloud based web monitoring is great for measuring customer experience for customer-faced websites, provides end user experience from different geos and browsers, it's easy to start with abilities like RUM, transaction scripting and extensive mobile support. You may be asking about future of Website monitoring in Solarwinds and that is absolutely right question. WPM is a powerful synthetic monitoring solution, great for behind the firewall web application monitoring, with on premise or Amazon cloud options. However what do you think should be future of these two products? How would like to see these two be integrated if at all? What value you would like to get from this marriage?

Thinking about same and different use-cases for Pingdom and WPM: are you using WPM for monitoring internal or external sites (or both)? How many you have of each? What is in Pingdom, that would make your life easier? Are you using some other monitoring solution with WPM, which is actually a complement like Pingdom?

Share your opinion and ask more questions. We want to know!

  • Congrats on the purchase , pingdom is pretty good buy for you guys , it needs some work and a lot of people where not as happy with the new UI when they rolled out so hopefully you can get that resolved. the pricing model is confusing and should e a little more straight forward like site 24/7

    I use Site 24/7 for my URL availability monitoring and reporting suggested in the WPM request enhancements that you guys actually look at doing that and boom you bought pingdom..

    We have a small foot print of WPM but will not be renewing support on the product due to the lack of movement and updates , and with the promise of  something coming is not enough for me to go to my manager and increase our foot print for transaction based monitoring. We have decided to move to new relic to do more in-depth transaction monitoring.

  • Pingdom has WPM it fills a niche and helps you to measure service availability since in todays HA (Highly Available) world a single server or 2 being down may not be a critical thing with multiple servers sharing the load behind load balancers. WPM is a great point solution to run internal monitoring from remote branches to gauge application/service availability or even external sites.  But from the other customer facing services via the internet, WPM is not really the tool to provide a good view from the perspective of the general consumer since they can be anywhere in the country.  While Pingdom doesn't seem to have the granularity of WPM it does interleave in some areas where WPM is not as capable.  Now with that said, WPM is rather long in tooth due to not having any real updates in like 18 has been dismal.  If WPM is updated and better supported, Pingdom can and should be a good extension to the tool as it gives you capabilities that are not as flexible with WPM due to the having to place hardware, etc...

  • Thanks for sharing details. Is the need for in-depth code-level monitoring something new in your organization? Do you see WPM and Pingdom complementary or comparable to New Relic? I understand you lack development (and we have a Beta available and are working on new release), but is there something in WPM missing feature-wise?

  • Thanks for ideas Jon. Reading your post I understand that in general you see Pingdom and WPM cover different use-cases. WPM is great for internal web applications, maybe from different branches. Pingdom is strong is external public-faced applications. Do you see any touching points, where WPM and Pingdom can complement each other, where together they can provide new value?

    What about ability to monitor your external sites from Amazon cloud? How do you see this comparing to Pingdom abilities?

  • I too am intrigued as to how this will slot into the portfolio and any integration.

    As WPM does both internal and external website monitoring, with the Amazon Cloud or remotely placed Player I doubt that there is any future for WPM to have Pingdom remote polling capability plumbed into it. As the major benefit of website monitoring is to be able to perform this function from a location which mimics that of your users, then the Amazon cloud location selection option does cover a lot of this.

    The option to perform within the Orion web interface website monitoring using either WPM or Pingdom where Pingdom is populated via API calls to that service to present monitoring and potentially management function for that service.


  • I'm interested in the Pingdom acquisition, and hope that perhaps data or other reporting from the service will be importable or visible to NPM, if for no other reason than easy dashboarding.

    Echoing other statements here - the ability to easily monitor the user experience from the Internet to our customer-facing apps is something we'd be happy to have.

    WPM in our shop today has some very basic tasks - availability and transaction time reporting, etc. However, we don't use it for much beyond that, and probably won't. If I could use Pingdom assets to capture the same info externally, I'd probably just use that. Again, our usage is very simple compared to some others here, but to have a dashboard/reporting source for all of our customer-facing app site data would be great.

  • We have been a user for Pingdom for a while now and the them coming into the Solarwinds family is great news.

    I would love to see integration between any of the solarwinds products and pingdom. Being able to link Orion nodes with pingdom and being able to see this information on our NOC screens would be very wonderful.

    Happy to have a call to discussing possible requirements or review any UI designs. We are a WPM customer, but only purchased it recently and have yet to deploy it....

  • What ever happened with this development and suggested integrations of the two? I am currently having to setup/repair our instance of WPM simply because we renewed maintainance on it and my company was otherwise unaware of Pingdom up until I mentioned it about a week ago. I prefer Pingdom - did a trial before having to work on this WPM project and I think the alerting feature, public facing dashboard and even more amazing - the mobile app and ability for alerting.

    I would love to see a discount on a subscription to Pingdom for customers with active maint. with WPM or just SOMETHING that would alleviate all the heavy costs in transitioning from the underperforming and never-updated WPM to Pingdom. Seeing as this post originated over 3 years ago, I would hope there has been something figured out by now unless this just became another one of Solarwinds gigantic acquisition strategy to acquire the competition and then do nothing with it.

  • Yeah, it's so strange that these products weren't integrated.  I get that Pingdom is marketed more towards the DevOps type users and Orion WPM is marketed more towards the Operations/Infrastructure type of users, but it seems to me integrating Pingdom data into Orion would be clearly beneficial...  Especially considering how little movement there has been on the WPM side for so long... 

    However, it looks like SolarWinds is moving in the other direction and has actually purchased Scout Server Monitoring and integrated it with Pingdom....  That, along with some other SAAS/DevOps products they've purchased and integrated with Pingdom lately indicates to me they are keeping Pingdom separate from the Orion suite.  In fact, it almost seems like they're creating a separate DevOps "Orion" suite by having Pingdom, Scout, Librato, etc. integrated. 

    Kind of disappointing really.  Missed potential in my opinion.  I hope they change course and let us bring this data into Orion. 

  • Has there been any movement on this? just had to recommend Pingdom to a customer over Solarwinds WPM.