Feature Request: Custom Properties for Synthetic Transactions

We use Orion in a multi-tenant environment letting customers see just their stuff.  We currently use Account Limitations based on Custom Properties.

In order for this product to be something we would ever be able to consider purchasing we would need to have some way to lock customers down to see just their transaction monitors such as Custom Properties associated with the transaction monitors.

  • Thanks for the feed back byrona. We'll definitely consider this for a future release of SEUM.

    I'd still love to hear from others who'd like to see account limitations for SEUM so if this is an important feature for you too please chime in and let us know what your use case is so we can better understand your specific requirements.

  • Thinking about this more.. shouldnt custom properties make it into Core at some point rather than having different implementations on each of the products?

    They should at least fall into the category of "standard" features of a module before it gets released. 

  • Custom properties are great feature which can be used for account limitation, but it is not the only way.

    You can also set up a custom Menu bar with private Views (e.g. Transaction Details summary)  for each customer. The drawback of this is that this may get confusing if you have tens or more customer accounts.

    Follow the actions;

    1) Add a new transaction.
    2)  Go to settings > manage Views.
    3) Copy Transaction Details. Edit "Copy of Transaction Details", rename to e.g.  "Customer Transaction details"
    select resources, which you want on that page. Click preview.
    The page will be opened in new window. Copy the link to the page. that is for instance " /Orion/SEUM/TransactionDetails.aspx?viewid=28&netobject=T:1"

    Click submit.
    4) Now go to Settings >  Customize Menu Bars . Click NEW MENU BAR
    5) Name the new Menu Bar e.g. Customer 1.
    6)  Click "Add" (down on the page) to add a new Menu Item. 
    7) name the  menu Bar e.g. "Customer 1 SEUM transaction"
    paste the url  "/Orion/SEUM/TransactionDetails.aspx?viewid=28&netobject=T:1" from clipboard
    Note: T:1 defines the transaction you assign to the view, so If the transaction you want has ID 10, then change "T:1" to "T:10" instead.
    8) Uncheck "Open in new Window" option and click OK
    9) For any other account, add a new Menu Item, with specified transaction ID, For instance for user Customer 2  create menu Item "Customer 2 SEUM transaction"
    with URL  "/Orion/SEUM/TransactionDetails.aspx?viewid=28&netobject=T:11"

    10) Then add a new account. 
          a)  e.g. Add account "Customer1" On Default Menu Bar and Views settings, assign "Customer 1" menu bar from step 5).
          b) add account limitation "Single transaction" to the account


    PS: There is no need to create more than one view, but you need to create a new menu item for each account.