WPM Browser Close after Transaction Run

I have a question. We are running into some issues where some of the websites we are monitoring are giving us a 'Too Many Open Sessions' error. At the end of the transaction we logout to complete the recording, but if the browser doesn't close or if the cache isn't cleared the session remains tracked. Do this too many times with the same account and suddenly the system shows that there are too many sessions open. Especially if running multiple transactions from multiple players. So, is there a way (or does it currently) to clear the browser cache or make sure the equivalent of a browser close occurs at the end of every transaction?  Any help is appreciated.


  • Hello Len,

    WPM is trying to clear cache after every playback and it also closes browser inside but the process itself still runs. It looks that in your case some process-specific data are still kept between sessions and cause the issues. By default each worker process executes up to 10 transactions and then it's terminated and new process is started. In your case it would help to recycle process after every playback. This can be done by simple change in configuration file.

    1. Go to machine with WPM player
    2. Stop "SolarWinds SEUM Playback Player" service
    3. Go to "c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SEUM\Player"
    4. Copy "SolarWinds.SEUM.Agent.Service.exe.config" to some backup location
    5. Open original "SolarWinds.SEUM.Agent.Service.exe.config"
    6. In "<agentConfiguration .../>" find 'maxPlaybacksPerWorker="10"' and change "10" to "1". If <agentConfiguration .../> does not contain this property, add it.
    7. Save changes.
    8. Start "SolarWinds SEUM Playback Player" service

    Now player will terminate worker process after each transaction and starts new one. That should solve your issue.

  • Thanks for this info jiri

    With websites becoming more and more complex over the years I think SolarWinds should pay more attention to making these settings readily available

  • Is there a similar configuration for the current, chrome based player?

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