Alerting on Failed Calls


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We are trying to alert on Failed Calls if they reach a certain threshold in the hour. We have tried a couple of trigger conditions, but the alerts seem to come in incorrectly based on what we are seeing in the VoIP Call search. Here is an example:


Alert went off at 8:14 pm on June 18th

But the VoIP Call search shows only 5 failed calls at that time –

Here is the trigger condition for this alert as well:


Any help on getting this alert to track correctly would be great! Thanks!

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  • Here it is: 

    SELECT DISTINCT E0.[Uri], E0.[DisplayName]
    FROM Orion.IpSla.CCMMonitoring AS E0
    WHERE ( ( ( (SELECT COUNT(AGG.[VoipCallDetails].[OrigFailedCall]) as agr FROM Orion.IpSla.CCMMonitoring AGG WHERE AGG.[Uri] = E0.[Uri]) >= '50' ) OR ( (SELECT COUNT(AGG.[VoipCallDetails].[DestFailedCall]) as agr FROM Orion.IpSla.CCMMonitoring AGG WHERE AGG.[Uri] = E0.[Uri]) >= '50' ) ) )

  • BTW, I am guessing that you are alerting on the 'failed' from the call manager stats. If you go to the 'VoIP CallManager View' for the CM that alerted you should have a perfstack widget for failed calls. If you go to the 18th, and show all day, what does that graph look like? Does it go above 30? I still want to get the calls via SWQL, so I will try to pull that up. 

  • I found the perfstack you are talking about and the graph doesn't show higher than 8 failed calls for the whole day.