Getting VNQM to poll SIP trunks on CUBE routers

I've been charged with monitoring the SIP trunks at our core sites.  We have VNQM and i'm running 2019.4.  I've added the CUBE routers to VNQM (no IP SLA operations), added the router as a VOIP gateway, and enabled SIP Monitoring under "Edit Node".  

I see in the 2019.2 or maybe 4.6 VNQM notes that there are some screenshots of VNQM doing what i was hoping mine would do.  But no luck so far.  I tried deleting and re-adding a CUBE router from Solarwinds since all our routers have been monitored since before SIP trunk monitoring on CUBE routers was supported.

Any insight on troubleshooting, or in general configuration that i need to adjust would be helpful.