Call Detail Records (CDRs)

We are gearing up for a future release, and are thinking about Call Detail Records, or CDRs.  I've received several requests to have IP SLA Manager support CDRs as part of our VoIP functionality.  Who else out there is interested in CDRs?  What business need or problem will CDRs solve for you?  Would you use them for billing, or some other use case?  Is there anything beyond the basic information (call duration, who made the call, who received the call) that you need?

Speak up if you need some CDR TLC!  :-)


  • We use CDR and CMR records as mainly a support information tool (we have a large billing system which also receives these records - but obviously with a different focus).

    As a support information source, we are mainly using the data for the call metric information (e.g. the MOS score). We currently run these into SQL server tables and use Reporting Services to filter results (i.e all calls yesterday with MOS score <4.3, listing all phone calls for a single number when a user complains of call quality issues, MOS score average for an IP subnet etc).

    We also use a graphing utility to plot some charts off this data (i.e. trending average MOS score for selected IP subnets - where the subnets are remote sites).

    It would be good to have a few top 10 reports available for the last 1 or 2 hours that could  identify quickly the worst call experiences (perhapes with a few different groupings (i.e. subnet, individual source number, individual destination number).

    Another option could be to identify call patterns (i.e. most frequently called number type reports).

    Whatever options are available, we will need control over the retention period, and some good table indexing. Our primary cluster is doing 80,000 - 100,000 calls per day.

    We have also found that doing an sFTP push from the cluster is the most effective and easy  way of obtaining these records. The AXL interface is just too slow.

    There is a limit however of 3 sFTP destinations that can be defined on Call Manager (at least at 6.1). If the sFTP option was selected, then customers could also have the option of forwarding the files from another application (i.e. not directly from Call Manager). 


  • We use CDR extensively so any enhancements in this area would be fantastic!

  • We'd LOVE to see some CDR support. Usually we use CDR records to provide reports to mgmt. on phone usage. An example would be the "performance" of our AR group. Having this in a WWW app would be best... and then have an Excel export option from the page.

    Kind of exciting as this is really a new path for the product to take. The CDR market on the cisco side is really cluttered with a bunch of legacy programs, but nothing new. And by "new" I mean most of the existing programs appear to be written in things like the old Borland C+ judging by the graphics.

  • Don331,

    What data would you need to assess the 'performance' of a particular business unit or employee(s)?



  • CDR information would be very helpful for our troubleshooting.  This would help consolidate more information in one place for "following the bouncing ball".  This also helps in environments were one group 'controls' the phone system and another group has to watch it. (like mine).  

    My company would be very pleased if you added this functionality.

  • I think we could use that feature for billing as well... Would make things a lot easier =)

  • macnugetz, is this data that can currently be collected using custom pollers?

  • If only it were that easy.  :-)  Unfortunately, this data is not stored in a MIB, so we you can't get to it via UnDP.



  • I desperately need a CDR for access gateways such as the Cisco AS5400xm. Any idea when this can be available?

  • I am not too fond with CDR but as far as I know the CDR's are sent by the callmanagers, solarwinds would basically need to make a whole new tool to evaluate and use that kind of data to be able to report on it.

    unfortunately not as simple as just polling on the data you want. :(