ESX Host not being monitored properly

Having issues with an ESX host that unfortunately ran into issues and looks like it's not being registered as an ESX host - first image is the node in question, the second is what all others are showing:

Not WorkingWorking

Question is, how to I go about forcing this to show as a ESX host like it should?  I've tried to turn off polling and back on to see if it would update, but no luck - will I need to outright delete the node and start over?

  • First - look for the  "Manage this host as an node" option on the esx details page for the host. I didnt see it in your screenshot. Secondly, yes, deleting the node and adding the vNode (to use the vman node type) as a managed node is usually the work around. Common causes include detecting and/or monitoring separate IP addresses for the host, dns oddities, is the host managed/polled by your vcenter, and dns.