False alerts for snapshots more than 15 days old

We had a lot of trouble getting support to help with this.. After a couple months I finally dove into the Orion database and fixed the issue. I wanted to share the cause and the fix in case anyone else is search this. I have found a lot of data over the years in these tables that should have been deleted, but wasn't. Support never has an answer.

The table is vim_virtualmachines

Look for the affected VM,

select * from vim_virtualmachines
where name = 'vm-name'

If the VM has no snapshots, look for these values,

SnapshotStorageSize should be 0
snapshotsummarycount should be 0
snapshotdatemodifed should be NULL
oldestnsapshotdate should be NULL

You can fix the issue by running this.

UPDATE vim_virtualmachines
SET SnapshotStorageSize = 0, snapshotsummarycount = 0, snapshotdatemodifed = NULL, oldestnsapshotdate = NULL
where name = 'vm-name'

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