VMAN Eval: Is VMAN worth it over the basic poller and regular node data?

Evaluating VMAN and curious what others opinions are out there please?

We have a reasonable sized environment and I am trying to justify VMAN but looking to see what the real-world major differences are vs std poller and node SNMP data?



  • The basic polling that you get for virtual assets in SAM or NPM is going to give you a very light topology and some basic metrics but you will be missing the depth of analysis that full VMAN can provide with features like:

    • Capacity planning tools
    • Recommendations for balancing your environment
    • Sprawl tools to recover wasted resources or "right size" things that are over or under allocated
    • Automation of actions to move or resize resources in response to thresholds being crossed
    • Chargeback reporting 
    • vSAN support
    • Nutanix monitoring (if that is relevant in your environment)
    • Deeper storage connections if you are also running SRM