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Question on UDT user port tracking

Hi everyone,

First and foremost, I want to thank the great team of SolarWinds for making such a giant monitoring platform, Incredible job!

I am evaluating SolarWinds 2020.2.5 UDT product in an environment with many Cisco Switch 2960 and two Microsoft domain controller 2016 edition. Based on my investigation the port identification works fine on many switches and the information regarding user tracking from DCs works as well. 

Although the feature works as expected, in the port page section there is no information about the port usage of users. In other way the user who utilizes the port is not identified. Is there any requirement or specific type of device, technology, or IOS should be in place to see this function working?

Best Regards, 

  • Do you get data via the User Inventory?  The way it works is that it needs to get the layer 2 information and then DC Polling(User Inventory).  however, in order to connect the two, the IP Address should also be present.  If it is missing that information, it will not be able to connect all those 3 information.

  • Many thanks for the reply.

    That's the odd, although the user inventory data functioning as expected in the user inventory page, the information is missing in the switch port pages. 

    The missing information is the IP address in the UDT panels. I have tried every method you could guess to catch the ip address from the cisco switch ports via the UDT module, but none resolved the issue.

    I even put a step further and installed single instance of solarwinds Orion platform NAM including the IPAM module in an evaluation mode but nothing changed.  How do you think the issue could be resolved? Is there a setting missing here?

    Thank you,

  • find the layer 3 device that has the most complete ARP table and then monitor it on UDT and then enable layer 3 Polling.  Mostly it would be your core router or your gateway.  Try putting in both.

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