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Linux is not sending Netflow traffic

I have installed fprobe on ubuntu and also added it with SNMP. I can see data using wireshark on solarwinds server coming on port 2055  but unable to see it in NTA. One interface of the linux i showing in unsupported. Please  guide.

fprobe command:

sudo fprobe -fip -x0:0 -B4096 -b10 -r2 -q10000 -t10000:10000000 -n 5 -e 10 -d 10 -a -i eth0

  • what version of Ubuntu?  the 20.xx trains automatically enable the firewall (ufw), so you need to add udp2055 using "ufw allow 2055 to" i beleive. 

    you can also use netstat on the ubuntu box to verify your actually sending the data.