Future of Orion Platform - Being Replaced or Just Neglected?

Pardon if this has been asked and answered, but I am left confused by the future of the Orion platform and its relationship to the new Solarwinds Platform/Observability.  Is the Orion platform being abandoned and will be replaced by the Solarwinds Platform/Observability Cloud product?  There has been little to no development on Orion for the past two years (despite everyone paying full support fees with little to show for it) but I can't tell if the new  Solarwinds Platform/Observability Cloud product is a new product, a replacement product, or something else.

  • The SolarWinds Platform is the evolution of Orion, neither of which are licensed products. With Orion, you installed individual products with various versions and required downtime to install new products or remove expired evaluations. The Solarwinds platform is the culmination of more than a year's work to merge multiple repos, simplify and secure the build process and its output, and provide a better overall experience. I talk about this in a little more detail here https://thwack.solarwinds.com/product-forums/the-orion-platform/b/news/posts/new-and-improved-solarwinds-platform-who-dis 

    In short, Orion is not being replaced or neglected, it has evolved. it seems some things can be both new & improved at the same time. Keep an eye out for 2022.3 RC1 to see everything that has changed for the platform and the new module features. 

  • Tony,

    Thank you for the response, this is helpful.  That being said, I still have a bit of confusion on my part.  You said that Orion is not being replaced, does that mean that it will continue to be developed and improved?  If not, is the plan to migrate everyone over to the Solarwinds Platform? If so, will existing Orion-based licenses work for the SolarWinds Platform equivalents?  It there a migration timeline for when the Orion platform will be retired?

  • If let's say for example you have NPM 2020.2.6 which uses Orion, when you upgrade to 2022.3 you will still have your NPM license key and features but will now be using the SolarWinds platform and will be licensed for NPM. Future upgrades will continue as you are familiar with today and all other aspects of the product and license will function the same. If you wanted to evaluate NTA to help solve a bandwidth issue you could instantly activate a 30-day evaluation without having to download, install and take down your system for the duration. With the Solarwinds platform we will be laying down all the bits using a single MSI, so no more multiple Solarwinds xyz entries in add/remove software list, just the SolarWinds platform 2022.3.

    You will notice the absence of the word Orion in some areas e.g Orion Summary Home will become simply Summary Home. Again this is an evolution of Orion and not an entirely new code base, we don't want users to have to re-learn how to create alerts and reports etc. 

  • Tony,

    Thank you again for your response, this helps clear up the confusion for me.

  • Hi, does SRM will be included to Observability or does the customer will still have to download it separately?

  • Storage monitoring is not part of the features included in the Hybrid Cloud Observability licensing. SRM can be licensed separately to HCO. When you upgrade or install 2022.3 you will have all of the licensing options available to you without having to download and install an additional module such as SRM. 

  • okay thank you.

    do we have some features of SRM included in HCO?

  • Neither HCO essentials nor HCO Advanced provides the ability to monitor storage array-specific metrics and performance such as those you are familiar with in SRM.  SRM is licensed separately and can be used on the same Solarwinds platform server as your HCO license just like we do today with individual product licenses like SAM, VMAN, SRM, etc. The only change is that with 2022.3 you no longer need to install these modules and incur downtime, you can simply activate the required licenses.

  • Tony, thank you for your answers!!!

  • Sorry, just looking for clarification. We previously had SRM licensed but opted to not renew it this year. We still have 4 storage objects that we're able to get some basic information on from the Storage Home - Summary page. Will this continue to function after upgrading to 2022.3? 

    Either way, will I need to do anything special with SRM prior to performing a centralized upgrade to 2022.3? We're still setup with the old licensing model.