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How to status shows '1' or '2' instead of 'Up' or 'Down'??

SELECT n.Status AS Status, COUNT(Status) AS Total ,SI.Color
FROM Orion.Nodes as n
INNER JOIN Orion.StatusInfo SI on SI.StatusId=n.Status
INNER JOIN Orion.ContainerMemberSnapshots cm on cm.FullName=n.caption
INNER JOIN Orion.Groups g on cm.ContainerID=g.ContainerID
where g.DisplayName='All-Ex'
Group By n.Status Order By n.Status

  • , Status is usually a a numerical value that the system interprets. Most tables that have a Status column also have a StatusDescription column. The StatusDescription column is in most cases the string interpretation of the Status column, sometimes it'll include additional information such as why, but lately that's becoming a little more rare as they have started to start adding in columns like root cause.