MIBs Database and later- no more '232-Compaq' - affects HP iLO / PDU node config

Earlier versions of the MIBd (versions 1.2 and earlier) had the following valid MIB:

Currently, with latest MIBd download of (tried 46, as well) has removed completely.... therefore HPe devices such as 'Integrated Lights-Out 4 2.77 Dec 07, 2020 - sysobjectid:' is seen as unknown device... also HP PDU with OID of is no longer located. 

(these are enterprise hardware devices purchased within the last 3 years...)

If you had already added to SolarWinds for monitoring prior to the latest MIBs update utilizing node discovery-- you're still good... it's just new HPe devices that you'd like to have added that will encounter issues with node discovery.

Just fyi.