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Add HP MSA 2050 TO SRM

Hello to all

we want add HP MSA 2050 TO SRM 6.5.0

After config based on SRM: Enable a HP P2xxx / MSA onboard provider , what information should be used for API Credentials section.

i check "Use SMI-S Username and Password for API Authentication" box, but error show as follow :

 There was an error connecting to provider:
API credentials error: Test connection failed. Connection cannot be established. Verify..

show protocol output:

Web Browser Interface (HTTP): Disabled
Secure Web Browser Interface (HTTPS): Enabled
Command Line Interface (Telnet): Disabled
Secure Command Line Interface (SSH): Enabled
Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S): Enabled
Unsecure Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S 5988): Disabled
Service Location Protocol (SLP): Enabled
File Transfer Protocol (FTP): Disabled
Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): Enabled
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP): Enabled
Service Debug (Debug): Disabled
In-band SES Management (SES): Disabled
Activity Progress Reporting (activity): Disabled