SRM NFS export - servers IP addresses via SWQL


I'm looking to pull a report and this information would be very helpful: NFS Server addresses. But I can't seem to figure out where to find that info in the database via SWQL.

  • Hello,

    This query will show the IP Address and path to the share.

    SELECT fs.FileServer.FileServerIdentifications.IPAddress, fs.Path

    FROM Orion.SRM.FileShares as fs

    WHERE fs.FileShareID = 1

    and fs.Type = 0

    "fs.Type = 0" - Is filtering the query to NFS Exports

  • That works. Thanks!

    Even though, to be honest, what I was looking for was the IP addresses of the servers where those NFS shares are mounted. For a second, I thought that column was reflecting that. But of course, those are the IPs of the file share server itself.