LUN Total Latency greater than 50ms - Need notification knowing which array


Please see screenshot attached

Is there a way to receive notification based on the array's serial for LUNs Total Latency exceeding 50ms? It seems the only way to do this is to alert you from a pool of LUNs from multiple arrays, but it doesn't tell you from which array, only the LUN that was triggered. I would like a more granular notification that tells me the LUN and the array. When I add a condition for the Storage Array I can select the serial, but adding another condition doesnt show me the LUN objects. Same goes if I select the LUN object, it doesn't show me the Storage Array objects so I can select the serial. Is there a workaround for this?



  • Another option is try a swql alert for the LUN. This seems to test ok in swql studio. 

    SELECT LUNs.Uri, LUNs.DisplayName
    FROM Orion.SRM.LUNs as LUNs

    WHERE ( ( LUNs.[IOLatencyTotal] > '50' ) ) AND LUNs.StorageArray.SerialNumber = 'xxxxxxxx'

    Looks like you can select Storage ID in the scope section of the web alert. That is not the as the serial number, but it should work.