BMR recovery issues with 8dot3 naming

Please be aware that during a BMR the volumes created do NOT have 8dot3 naming enabled. This can result in serious problem after the restore since some services and various programs may have shortcuts or links that use the 8.3 format. Further, there is no easy way to correct the issues since re-running the restore does not work. 8.3 names are only created on writing to a new file.  There are manual cmds to create single 8.3 entries

you must enable 8.3 on the volume in question

fsutil 8dot3name set c: 0  

Then you may create an 8.3 entry

fsutil file setshortname “c:\program files” PROGRA~1

you should also remember the dos cmd to see both naming formats

dir /x /a

This will show you the long name and 8.3 names at once.

Tech support was unaware of this serious bug until we started complaining and then they provides a useful link on the topic but no real fix for the bug.

In my recovery this was a serious problems as several services used the 8.3 format names and other programs that formerly work, now don't work and it is not clear where the failure is occurring but with messages like path not found and file not found one must be suspicious of this naming problem as the cause. For example using symbolic links I was able to get the QuickBooks DB service to start.