Getting nodes with specific application

Hello All!

I am trying to build a report that show what nodes are missing a certain application.

For Example I want any server that contains 'SQL'  and want to know if it has the application 'services'

  • I also do not need to know if the services are running. My bad. And it is suppose to be application templates ughh!

  • So you might be able to remove the line about the components if you just care about the application name. My first post was just a list of servers that the software asset inventoried from add remove programs. Its long because I want to to show to much not too little, but you should feel free to tune it how you want it. Either way it gives you the list of servers that should have SQL. If all your nodes are SQL servers, then I guess its not needed, but around here, most stuff doesn't have SQL installed. So when I find that list, I want to trim it to things that don't have a SQL monitor  on it, which is why I added the line about not in and then a query with all Applications named with SQL. In my mind that shows you servers that need a SQL monitor but don't have it. Here we only have app monitors on production servers, so I used a custom property to further filter it, you may have to do something similar. 

  • The nodes i am looking for are sql servers. I need to find out which of these are missing a specific template. Sorry for being confusing

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