Azure SQL DB Monitoring


I'm currently setting up Azure SQL DB monitor, and I'm looking for any input of best practices here.

I believe there are two ways to monitor the DB metrics:

I'm looking at the example in Orion Demo:, and it's using the API poller. I don't really the way it looks, especially when you have multiple instances then it can easily get too cluttered.

Appreciate if anyone can share their approach on Azure SQL DB monitoring using SAM, like probably what monitor are you using (API poller vs SAM PS monitor), and how it looks?

Thank you

  • I don't monitor any Azure SQL dbs so might be the wrong guy to answer but it's still a SQL, you can ask SQL queries against it also.

    So depending on what you actually WANT to monitor, I think the approach could differ.

    Personally I would go for a combination of SAM powershell and T-SQL queries.

  • I am starting down this voyage right now. I was able to get my APIs setup so Solarwinds reaching a little bit into Azure but have yet to figure out how to monitor the SQL databases.  If I get it figured out I will post here or maybe someone else will have it figured out.

  • That makes sense, I'm thinking to go for that combination: T-SQL queries component and PowerShell queries to get the DB metrics from Azure SQL instance.

  • One of the thing that I'm not sure is where I should assign the template. We have multiple SQL instances in multiple different resource groups (RGs) for different dept/groups. For granularity, I think I'll at least assign the template to one node that represent one RGs, or perhaps setup one node for each SQL server of the instances. But I'm not sure if this is the best approach.

    As for the monitoring for the SQL database itself, I think I agree with Seashore, that is to do a T-SQL query against the SQL instance.