SAM and Basic Polling for vSphere 7 (ESXi and vCenter 7)

I could use some help. I do not have VMAN, but I do have SAM, NCM, and NPM with unlimited licensing. What is the best I can do with the mentioned licensing and basic poling using API, SNMP etc for vSphere 7? Some general advice would go a long way for me. Here are the components of our environment and what I need monitored.

HP c7000 Blade Enclosure
HP G10 Blades
ESXi 7
vCenter 7
NFS datastores

Need to get monitoring for:
Hardware health on blade enclosure (Onboard Administrator and Virtual Connect networking)
ESXi host monitoring
vCenter alerts
VM level monitoring
OS level monitoring

** I realize VMAN would solve a lot of these problems, but the person who has the wallet isn't interested at this time. I need a solution and I'm hoping to keep it in Solarwinds.

  • Without the vman license you can get os metrics, some vm metrics, esx server data, but no data store stuff and no VMware alerts/events (but there's no reason you can't just alert on those events directly from venter). Hardware health for the enclosure might be doable with custom snmp pollers.