Unique Active Alert ID to link Active Solarwinds alerts to another system

I'm creating an integration for solarwinds to send alert information to my ticketing system.  I'm using a HTTPS POST to an URL as a trigger action and I'm putting various fields into the JSON payload.

But I'm stuck because I need to uniquely idenfity each active alert so that my ticketing system can store the unique alert ID so I can use it in a reset action (the reset action is going to send another JSON payload to my ticketing system and we're going to add some notes to the original ticket that was created).

I think I'd like to use this ID:


But I don't know which variable will give me the "15033" (or even AAT:15033).  Which variable is that?  Is that variable available to me when the reset actions fire?

Or is there a better variable I should be using?

Thank you