Active Directory User Accounts Monitoring


I need to create a report that is emailed each month to show the following - 

Number of active accounts each month

Number of unique accounts logged in each month

Number of unique active accounts NOT logged in each month

I cannot see a template for this under reporting.

Has anyone ever had to create this report before? Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated

Thank you  

  • As an infrastructure monitoring tool SW isn't really set up to function as as that kind of reporting/analytics for AD. Everything in Orion is based on periodically polling and storing results as number based metrics but that login stuff is event data and extracted fields. Do you have a SIEM? This data would be standard for that kind of tool. If you got really clever with powershell you could probably force that data into Orion and then build fancy sql to extract it back out but its definitely not the right tool for the job.