Solarwinds-CyberArk Integration

Hi All

As per customer requirement, we need to do Solarwinds-CyberArk integration for security purpose. Please assist us how we can do it. 

  • Hello,

    There is currently no integration between the Orion platform a CyberArk, this is something I am researching and would like to understand your requirements if you could describe those please?

  • It would be wonderful if Solarwinds could use the CyberArk API to hook into privileged accounts when needed, so we don't have to assign a Domain admin to run monitoring.

  • Hi,

    I've recently had this request from a customer and during our initial requirements gathering process to write a custom integration, we had the following response from the Customer Success Team at CyberArk:

    I just wanted to give you a quick update that our business development team are currently working on integration with Solarwinds that will use the CCP (Central Credential Provider) to allow Solarwinds to pull the credentials directly from CyberArk using the application access manager (particularly the CCP). The first integration will be for the DPA product which is expected to be ready mid-July and the next integration will be for Orion.

    Whilst a couple of CCP licenses will be required to make this integration work, I would advise going down this route as this will be an officially supported integration from both the CyberArk and Solarwinds perspective. This will remove the complexities of working with a bespoke integration.

    I would advise anyone still looking at this as a requirement to reach out to CyberArk directly as this native integration seems likely in 2021.

  • Has there been any movement on this? I don't see it referenced anywhere.

  • I'm on the cyberark technical community site now and don't see anything. In marketplace the only product available is the DPA, Single Sign On for solarwinds IT, and Lifecycle management. 

    There is no mention anywhere about Orion. 

    Our team integrated to cyberark using a custom web connector but it just don't work at a reliable enough level. It's slow, there is a time difference between the PSM and Orion that we can't get around, and custom property editor doesn't populate within the connector even though it works when manually going to it from within the PSM.