Advanced Alert mail help

I hope this is the right area.

We run a trading application that runs services written in-house.

I can find the MIB parameter for a particular process which on the servers we could have anywhere from 5 - 19 version of the same process running, so rather than just the PID, I'd like the actual parsed information which is more handy if one of the process' dies we can be informed of the name of the process rather than have to find out which has died via a process ID which is non descriptive.


We have used BigBrother(Quest) previously which has the ability to use grep to get this information about running process'


I was wondering if either the node summary page for the host can display this information, or that when one of these process' dies the application monitor can get this info out in its mail. The alert is of more use than it being displayed in the summary page, hence posting here. The parameter in a MIB browse is




type: InternaitionalDisplayString


Access: read-only

Status: Mandatory


The text in bold is what I'd like the alert to display, or part of it (I'm not too worried either way)

In an ideal world I like it showed in both, but will settle for the alert over anything else.

Has anyone here been able to do this or know where in the alerts/advanced alerts this info for configuring might be found



Kieran Omelia


As an update, the OID might not work too well in itself if I have to send the process ID through (unless the alarm can pick it up) as the PID will change as all process restart overnight