SAM renaming of component monitor names to make more sense


Not sure if this is possible but I have been making some templates for Exchange mailboxes and when we have multiple instances of the same component it has the same name so hard to decipher just from looking at the name which one is which. I couldn't find anywhere obvious to rename the component being monitored.

Here is an example:

MSExchangeIS Mailbox(*)\Search Task Rate (Where the * is a number of instances) this then means in the template I have 1 Search Task Rate per instance (say 4 in this example):

Search Task Rate

Search Task Rate

Search Task Rate

Search Task Rate

is there anyway I can rename these to something more meaningful like:

Search Task Rate(DB_01)

Search Task Rate(DB_04)

Search Task Rate(DB_07)

Search Task Rate(LocalserverBD)

I have seen on another template that %processor time has (Exchange Search) after it so I would like something like that.

Hope that makes sense.

Kind regards,